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Loot of the day #3

Full NSFW loot of the day post… well, almost. Here is the SFW content (yay, Yuiko parka & Kudocam~)   Then all the NSFW things… And finally the loli NSFW things (a bit of random buy here) :

Loot of the day #2

      Well it’s technically the loot of yesterday, but whatever…         I finally managed to get my hand on a Custom Maid 3D copy. Also, a bit of my daughter stuff. Also, here are those a friend of mine gave me :  

Loot of the day, coming back

Something I used to do on my old (and defunct) blog was to post the things I bought / got for free in Japan. Well, it’s back here. R18 things have a small warning just before them. I’ll try to find some “spoiler” tags later… Behind this point are NSFW things (R18) :   And

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