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Loot of the day, coming back

Something I used to do on my old (and defunct) blog was to post the things I bought / got for free in Japan. Well, it’s back here.

R18 things have a small warning just before them. I’ll try to find some “spoiler” tags later…

DSC_0001 (Copier) DSC_0002 (Copier) DSC_0004 (Copier) DSC_0005 (Copier) DSC_0007 (Copier)

Behind this point are NSFW things (R18) :

DSC_0008 (Copier)


And now for the NSFW loli things (R18) :

DSC_0009 (Copier) DSC_0011 (Copier)

Finally, NSFW Guro things (R18G) :

DSC_0012 (Copier)

(can’t remember if the Studio parm is guro or not…)


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