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And here goes this blog’s virginity


So here’s the fourth version of Mereck’s blogging, the previous blog disappeared in the warp of a failed migration (mainly due to a  communication failure). I might import some old content here.


  • My blog now has a disclaimer. Please read it.
  • I’m now mainly blogging in English. That’s principally due to the fact that my readers are / will be either English-only speakers or English-proficient readers. Seriously, if you can’t read an anime blog in English, just use Google Translate (in fact, there is a nice Plug-in on the right-hand of the site now). But even though my English level is not that bad, feel free to correct any mistake you may find.
  • Exception to the previous thing are translation of English articles in French
  • This blog is now tagged NSFW (at all time)
  • The domain name changed for something more appropriate.
  • More modern theme.
  • Expect more troll.
  • I’ll try to blog more often. But…
  • I’ll also blog shorter posts since I don’t have much more time than before.
  • This one shouldn’t be biodegradable.

Image source : メカ初音の処女 by As109

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