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Ostrich policy / La politique de l’autruche

Comme d’hab, version française juste après. English Version Guess somebody totally ignored the warning shot… but it’s not like I’m not accustomed to not being listened to when you point out dysfunctional stuff. Anyway, here’s a quick update on my previous ranting post, it will mainly features things I forgot in my previous post and things that

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I’m doing shit, please crowd-fund it. / Je fais de la merde. Public, finance-la.

Finally, a bilingual article. Version française plus bas parce que je suis un connard de snobbeur. English Version Preliminary note: though some people partially or totally share this opinion, this article is reflecting my own, strictly personal view. It is, by NO means, endorsed by ANY of the organizations I may be part of (namely

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E4 report update: How about a slice of Ketsu Gō?

Since I can be kind of stubborn, I decided my previous attempt was only a small tactical retreat and tried to settle the score once and for all with E4. This post will be way shorter compared to the previous one.

Protected: Christmas List

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

E4 Battle Report : An After-taste of Guadalcanal

As the curtain falls on my last attempt to clear E4, I’m standing both empty-minded and empty-handed in front of the last battle report telling me that, once again, my girls failed at my expectations. Here are my thoughts on this 80 sorties 23 hours long battle that ended in bitter defeat.

Loot of the day #3

Full NSFW loot of the day post… well, almost. Here is the SFW content (yay, Yuiko parka & Kudocam~)   Then all the NSFW things… And finally the loli NSFW things (a bit of random buy here) :

Loot of the day #2

      Well it’s technically the loot of yesterday, but whatever…         I finally managed to get my hand on a Custom Maid 3D copy. Also, a bit of my daughter stuff. Also, here are those a friend of mine gave me :  

Loot of the day, coming back

Something I used to do on my old (and defunct) blog was to post the things I bought / got for free in Japan. Well, it’s back here. R18 things have a small warning just before them. I’ll try to find some “spoiler” tags later… Behind this point are NSFW things (R18) :   And

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Traduction de l’interview de Sakai Nobukazu

Cet article est une traduction de l’interview de Sakai “nbkz” Nobukazu, initialement publiée dans Business Journal et traduit par “Akira” sur son blog LETTERS FROM THE SECOND DIMENSION (que j’en profite pour remercier… certes en français). Vu le contexte de ce blog et le fait qu’il y a de très fortes chances que les lecteurs de cet article

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And here goes this blog’s virginity

So here’s the fourth version of Mereck’s blogging, the previous blog disappeared in the warp of a failed migration (mainly due to a  communication failure). I might import some old content here. Changelog: My blog now has a disclaimer. Please read it. I’m now mainly blogging in English. That’s principally due to the fact that my readers are

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